January update

Hello !Someone wanted a few screenshots :

You can see three buttons on the left side, they display different panels : “Welcome”, “Write” and “Notes”.  Each dock is a plugin and each dock can be another dock thanks to a drop-down menu.

I’ll release a first version when the “Write” and “Note” panels will be usable. This early, there is no porting of the old Plume projects.

I’m working on it !



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  1. Hi Cyril,
    just a couple of suggestions –
    1. Your slogan should read ..
    “An open source tool for novelists” (plural)
    .. not ..
    “An open source tool for novelist” (singular)
    2. Not a good idea to have the word “FUCK” in the top picture.
    Some people do not like swearing haha!
    FUCK = baiser, foutre, niquer, tringler, faire le con
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jason,

      Thank you for the grammar mistake, I’ll correct it shortly. For the background image… I never realized it was written… If you have a suggestion on a new background ?


  2. I’m excited for this new version to be released as I need a good Linux alternative to yWriter for my daughter and me. We’re trying to use the current version of Plume, but as you know, there are issues.
    The screenshots look great. I hope to see a release soon.

  3. Love this! I have started a sci-fi novel that I have been thinking about for several years! After a couple of hours, I can see that you have made the writing of this novel possible. Thank you! dave

  4. Wauoooo super because I tell you that I found the tool today, I’m going to start using it, so far so good, thank you for making this tool available to everyone.

    I’m going to recommend it.


  5. Sir:
    Is this still in development?
    I’m using v0.67 and it won’t print more than 2 chapters of my book.
    Will that be fixed, am I doing something wrong, or… ?
    Merci !

  6. Yo no se que pasa con este programa, pero a mi se me cierra y no puedo usarlo, es una pena porque además lo descargué como 6 veces y es curioso que cuando se instala se abre el blog de notas, pero no tengo ni idea que hacer ni de que manera solucionarlo. Si pueden ayudar se lo agradezco

  7. I love this, I wish I could get it though since it’s kinda hard to install it through source code since I’m new to debian

    1. Hello John,

      No, the project isn’t dead. There are still commits on github. I just wasn’t keeping an eye on the website. I’ll post something in the current week 🙂

      Kind regards,
      Cyril Jacquet

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